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I am a seller and they are the worst they bid 30 thousand over the asking price just so they could beat out all the rest and when it came to the were her for the inspection, they hit me with this that high dollar the roof needed to be replaced and we were going to give money back for the cost and they went for the wiring. An inspection was done 1 year ago they checked the wiring and it passed. These poor buyers aren't going to get the house... Read more

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This is absolutely the worst company ever. I went through 5 different all of which asked for different things. They pushed my closing back 3 times with out telling me. Which in turn left me without a home for almost a week. They are awful and I will NEVER recommend them to even someone I hate. Choose a different company and save yourself the trouble. Read more

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I have had many mortgages during my 66 years, having owned maybe 10 different houses..the underwriters that process for cheery creek are by far the most anal. Reams upon endless reams of data request..over and never ends...and this for someone with a fat wallet and a credit score in the 800's. They make you feel like a common criminal. Next time I go back to quicken loans....did not have half of the bs! I know there was a meltdown... Read more

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We purchased our house in cash and was looking to get a cash out loan. was told that they could work with me.. sent in all our paperwork and spoke to our loan officer..after a month got back a hold of him and he just told us these things take time.. Called a few other times and left e-mails trying to get updates and no answer. So I went to complain to someone higher up just wanting to get some sort of update.. this was 2 and a half months into... Read more

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I dealt with one of loan officers years ago at another company. We had no issues at all. We thought we would use the same person. This was a huge mistake!!! We were told one thing and got to a day before close and told about last minute costs that brought our closing from under $5000 to $9000. We were devastated!!! The cost were explained as unexpected title fees. Our close date was pushed multiple times and told it was always someone else fault... Read more

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I did end up getting the VP in corporate involved. After a long conversation, sharing my experience and perspective, she was very compassionate and made an extra effort to make me feel included, sympathized with and informed. My hope is they will take a look at their internal processes and mortgage loan officer customer service and strategize steps for improvement. It's very important that the loan coordinators and mortgage officers keep the... Read more

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The loan officer: GET THIS NAME--CHRIS CARTER in the Citrus Heights office- Don't work with him!!! I've been trying to buy a short sale for a year now. He's disorganized, gives me the wrong information and direction as to what documentation they want, arrogant about blaming everyone else instead of taking responsibility for his own mistakes. And he had the nerve to YELL at my HR people at my office because he screwed up his directions for... Read more

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We have been working with this company out of Mequon WI for months! We did everything we were asked to do. Each time being told this will be it and that we would get financed for a house. Each time something new would could up. A day or two before we were supposed to have a loan for our agreement. We would do the almost impossible just to have the reason switched to something else out of our control. The person we dealt with through this... Read more

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We went with this company to refinance, and provided our documents to them within 2-3 days! We were asked to take a loan to pay off a second mortgage, we did, thinking this was a sure fire refinance. Waited a month, without any response-- we were told we'd close the end of September, that came and went. They told us we could close by the 10th of October and with this deal, we'd have to cancel our auto pay on our mortgage to not pay them... Read more

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I dealt with Lori Richardson of Cherry Creek Mortgage, who promised us a loan for 3 months and even increased our qualification after submitting the 2011 tax return, then after questioning her on her math, she turns around and tells us to go find someone else. Just like that! When it comes to financing, the broker/lender should disclose everything, including how they arrive at their conclusions and how they do their math. Purchasing a home is... Read more

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