We went with this company to refinance, and provided our documents to them within 2-3 days! We were asked to take a loan to pay off a second mortgage, we did, thinking this was a sure fire refinance. Waited a month, without any response-- we were told we'd close the end of September, that came and went. They told us we could close by the 10th of October and with this deal, we'd have to cancel our auto pay on our mortgage to not pay them twice. We did this, thinking we were doing what we needed to, to get this done....Yesterday we find out, the loan THEY told us to take to pay off that second mortgage is stopping us from refinancing now. The only way to process this is to pay off that loan, they told us to get.

We have a plan if they can get their act together and stories straight, called them today, they tell us they can't help us....to go elsewhere.

Now I'm paying my mortgage late, AND have a loan that we can't afford. Not only that but we're now having our credit pulled three times in one month.

All they did for us is make another payment, an unnecessary loan and wasted month and no refinance.


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